I had my first green chile chicken burrito last night. It was really great. I loved it and I look forward to trying more.
Keep up the great work!!!
Tyler E.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your egg whites breakfast burrito. I am a college athlete taking 18 credits a semester, working part time, and practicing a minimum of 2-3 hours a day, and finding foods that are quick and also healthy has been a struggle. I recently bought a few of your egg white breakfast burritos and they are my new favorite thing, tasty, nutritious, and quick. Just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing!

Bailey B.

Let me start by saying that my email is very complimentary. I believe it is important for consumers to share their positive comments especially when the products are as wonderful as these. As a recent breast cancer survivor and lover of burritos I am so pleased I discovered them while shopping at Sprouts. They have everything I want and nothing that I don’t and they taste amazing-quality in every bite. My favorites so far are the yummy breakfast burritos. I have a very busy schedule and don’t eat fast food of any kind so breakfast can be challenging at times but now thanks to you’re breakfast burritos my problem  is solved..I get a great healthy easy on the go breakfast and all while maintaining my stricter dietary guidelines. My son also loves them he is a fitness junkie and goes to the gym daily-loves them for a snack and to just refuel. Thank you for making such a delicious line of products for those of us committed to healthier eating and letting us still enjoy our favorites. I look forward to trying anything and everything you have to offer and you are a most welcome addition to my home.  I am a very pleased customer for life.

Vicki H.

Just bought some of your wraps from Sprouts and I love them. I probably eat one a day. So many quality ingredients: high protein lean chicken and good carb brown rice. And delicious, too. You guys rock!

Shane S.

Hello, I came across your burritos at a local grocery store here in Oklahoma City called Sprouts & just want to tell you how amazing I think they are. For something healthy, they taste incredible – especially the Barbecue Chicken. I consider myself somewhat of a frozen burrito fanatic.  For me personally, your burritos have a “crave” factor others do not. Long story/short: thank you for making such a fantastic product. I am on my way to the store right now to buy some more.

P. Gaddis

I was at the FitOne show in Boise and tried one–it was awesome.  I was told I could buy them at the Albertsons in my home town (Cheyenne, WY).  I quickly went in and saw the barbecue flavor and I bought a whole case.  Could you please partner with the Albertson’s on Yellowstone Ave in Cheyenne and send them a case of the Green Chile and a case of the Teriyaki?  Also, I have a family of 8 kids and if I can get a bulk price for buying 2-3 cases at a time, then I would buy more so they can eat them as well rather than just myself.  Thanks, A. Heilbut

A. Heilbut


First of all I have never even heard of these before…I was looking at Amy’s organic burritos and saw these…I have never seen an advertisement or anything. I picked it up read your story and of course ingredients…and was sold. When I got it home I cooked it per instructions and it was delicious, healthy, and easy!  I don’t normally buy packaged burrito’s but this was great (tasted way better than Amy’s to me) and  my son’s will love it too! Anyhow, just wanted you to know. I can’t wait to try other flavors.
M. Stephens

I loved that it’s healthy and easy for when you’re on the go!  This is the first store bought burrito I’ve ever had that the chicken tastes like I just baked it!! The taste and consistency was perfect. I stayed satisfied all the way to dinner without needing a snack.


Here are the things I LOVE about Fit Wrapz:

  1. They all taste delicious! There isn’t one I didn’t like. My favorite one’s were the Original Breakfast and Famous Green Chili.
  2. They were an easy meal to just grab and go. I would just pop one in the mircrowave for a few minutes and Taa-Daa!! Wrap it in a paper towel and head out the door.
  3. Their calories and macros are very doable. I was able to do my competition prep and still eat these babies. Yup! They’re high in proteins {anywhere between 21 and 24g} and less than 400 to 350 calories. And they’re big!! It’s not like a tiny frozen burrito that you buy at the grocery store. Hell no! These wraps are beasts! I felt full and satisfied for hours.
  4. They’re made with natural and wholesome ingredients. A whole wheat wrap, red potatoes, brown rice, lean chicken or turkey, and egg whites. Nom nom nom!!

I guess I really don’t have any cons to go with Fit Wrapz. They rock and I will definitely be buying them often. If you’re lucky you may be able to start finding them in your local grocery stores and/or gym! How cool is that! But, for right now, you can order them from their website or head to Bodybuilding.com and order them from there too!

Stephanie Woods

Thanks! My fiance and I are both eating the wrapz, so we’re powering thru them. Great to have something good we can eat with no planning or prep…it’s making a difference in my energy level already!

C. Hartung

The Fit Wrapz were a big hit. We went through the entire order of wraps this past weekend. I got positive feedback from friends and family on them. Thanks for fueling us during our wedding weekend!

The wedding was a celebration of a lifetime. I can’t even describe in words what it was like this weekend to marry my dream girl in my dream location of McCall with my dream team of friends and family. It was amazing Shige.

J. Greer